Rex Schelling


Accountant / Internet Entrepreneur / Quantum Energy Coach / Business Coach

Rex has innovated, created and run businesses from accounting and financial advisory, online property portals to cutting edge internet start-ups. However, he has been greatly fascinated by how life itself actually works and how his successes, trials and errors & other successful people have attained / can attain balance. Is there some kind of formula or recipe?

This lead him on a journey of self discovery, which encompassed material from the Oneness University of India (where he became a Deeksha giver), Quantum Energy Coaching (qualified practitioner), Gregg Braden, Dr Wayne Dyer, Lee Carrol and many more …

Which brought him to the point of understanding that there is a whole universe beyond what we can actually see with our eyes. This world combines both quantum physics and what ancient mystics have been telling us for a long time – everyone and everything is connected.

But how can we work with these unseen energies to our benefit and serve the greater world?

What are the latest trends and modalities which serve humanity for the better?

With all the change movements in the world, how do we embrace a positive change? 

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