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As a conscious publishing house our focus is on the development, growth and evolution of humanity through the healing and expansion of consciousness. We aim to share knowledge and wisdom through the publishing of books, CD’s and DVD’s. Our titles cover a wide range of different topics such as Spirituality, healing, self-development, meditation and children’s stories.

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This anthology journey reveals the infinite in the rolling words, the flowing kriya’s and the meditative guidance. It is a work presented in a way that reveals a profound inner journey of awakening, growth and purpose – the bliss, the pain and the beauty. May the words and ways present you with a path of freedom and deep awareness, in your heart, mind and spirit.

awakeningheartThis book simply explains many of the complex spiritual concepts of this time and gives insights on healing and awakening your heart. Throughout this book, the reader, is reminded of the importance of the spirit and the need for awareness and consciousness as we travel the path of spiritual evolution.


The findings of an investigation and probe into the Akashic Records regarding the beginning of time, the probable origin of the human species, and the constitution of man, namely the amalgamation of spirit with matter. The reason and purpose of life in the Earth vibration is expanded upon in terms of gift of free-will and the associated and immutable twin laws of Karma and Reincarnation

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