Prana Apana

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‘Begin to see how the Infinite reveals itself to you, in each moment, each relationship, each word.’  This anthology journey reveals the infinite in the rolling words, the flowing kriya’s and the meditative guidance. It is a work presented in a way that reveals a profound inner journey of awakening, growth and purpose – the bliss, the pain and the beauty. May the words and ways present you with a path of freedom and deep awareness, in your heart, mind and spirit.

Author Bio:

Deirdre Rhodes received her spiritual name, Patwant Kaur, from Yogi Bhajan in 2001. She is a level one and two Kundalini Yoga Teacher, mother of one beautiful daughter, Reiki Master and writer. She comes from a performance and teaching background. This is her debut poetry anthology.
For over ten years Patwant taught at the St. Joseph’s Adult Education Programme offering classes to refugees and the broader community. She has also volunteered in the female section of Pollsmoor prison and taught at Alexandra Hospital, focusing on the treatment and rehabilitation of intellectually disabled patients. She currently teaches in two male forensic wards at Valkenberg Psychiatric hospital and continues to teach regular daily classes and facilitates workshops, retreats and private sessions.
Through all of life’s deep challenges and beautiful joys, Patwant’s Kundalini Yoga practice has been a definite constant and consistent light anchor in her life. It always reconnects her with the fullness and perfection of the present.


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