Pathways to Mastery

Are you wanting more out of your life?

Do you want to be happier, healthier and inspired?

Are you wanting to heal your past, release your blocks and access the power and guidance of your soul?

The Pathways to Mastery program offers a profound journey of transformation, expansion and growth.  Here you will reconnect with your essential self, reawaken your passion for life and discover how to co-create the life you are destined to live.


A path of awakening where you will journey to the center of your being to awaken an authentic expression of your true self.  This is an inner journey of self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual development.  It has been designed to awaken your heart, heal your life, expand your mind, ignite your spirit and inspire your soul.


The teachings in this program invoke new ways of thinking and being, which enables you to rediscover your true divine nature and thus your inner truth.

‘Kate Spreckley’s Pathways to Mastery course is the most worthwhile course I have undertaken in my life so far. It has impacted all aspects of my life in the best possible way, including my relationship with myself, my relationship with others, and to my work. The deep healing and positive, enduring changes it facilitated in me on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level are nothing short of radical. I now have an amazing set of tools to manage and navigate the challenges of life. I have stripped away all that needed to be shed, and rebooted. Through the journey of her brilliantly constructed process, I remembered, reconstituted and fully aligned with the divine soul self that I am. I have redefined for myself what it means to be a being of power, a power that has pure light and love at its core. It has fully restored my trust and faith in my spiritual source, in myself, and in my divine path. 


The Journey

Powerful techniques and tools contained in theoretical lessons, enable you to access your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and soul energies to bring healing and awakening.  Clearing and releasing old limitations, beliefs and patterns will bring wisdom and insight into the extraordinary life you deserve.

In this program you will –

  • Engage in a series of powerful processes designed to guide you into a deeper connection with yourself and your energy.

  • Learn to create a solid foundation in your life which enables you to joyfully expand your consciousness and embrace your soul path.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to immerse yourself in the sacred and to balance that within your physical everyday life.

  • Experience illuminating teachings which enable you to better understand your inner feelings, emotions, thoughts and desires.

  • Travel a path of great power and discover how to balance your heart with your mind and your physical life with your spiritual life.

  • Release and clear anything which prevents you from positively moving forward in your life.

Packed with rich teachings and experiences this program takes you step by step through various stages of healing, growth and development.   Valuable lessons are given along with exercises and meditations which will shift, heal and transform every facet of your life.  Employing Shamanic techniques you are awoken to your inner power and given access to the cosmic universal energy of your soul.

Awaken your innate wisdom and adventure into an awakening, healing and evolutionary journey

Shift your perspective and confront all that you have suppressed and lost within yourself

Discover a new and empowering way of moving forward in your life with passion and joy

Build an unshakeable trust in yourself and your intuition

Pathways to Mastery is divided into six segments, which are presented over a one-year period.  Each segment consists theoretical work and exercises.  Some include guided meditation journey’s which are recorded by Kate for you to download.

The six segments are –

  • Foundation of Mastery

  • Mastery of the Heart

  • Mastery of  the Physical

  • Mastery of the Mind

  • Mastery of the Spirit

  • Mastery of the Soul

This program can be completed three ways –

1.  In a group with Kate in Cape Town, South Africa

As a group, we meet once a week to work through the information in each module, share experiences and gain different perspectives from others.

2.  Via correspondance

A module is emailed to you once a week and a monthly Skype or in person session is offered, giving you the opportunity to discuss the information you are working through, any questions you may have and any insights you have gained.

Doing Pathways to Mastery via correspondence gives you to opportunity to learn and experience at your own pace and schedule.

3.  One on one with Kate (in person or via Skype)

In this program a module is shared each week which includes exercise and or meditations.  In total you will receive 39 modules.  There is a two week ‘holiday’ between each segment to allow for processing and integration.

 A one-on-one pre-course interview is offered to answer any questions and to discuss the course details and commitment.

A one-on-one post course consultation with Kate is also offered if required.

For more details please contact us


Your guide on this adventure is Kate Spreckley.  Kate, as the founder and director of Spirit Pathways, is passionate about awakening, healing and shifting consciousness.


In the Pathways to Mastery Program Kate shares teachings and experiences that have completely transformed her life for the better.  The tools and exercises she offers have brought her healing, guidance, wisdom and insight.  Her belief and dedication in these processes has lead her to create this power and effective program.


The teachings in this program reflect Kate’s passion for her work, which she loves to share.  She is dedicated and committed to supporting you in discovering your path to higher consciousness and healing.

The secret to the success of this program lies in the universal message of its teachings and how easy and natural it is to bring them into your every day life. Kate has taken the best of what she has learned, in over two decades of study and practice, and put them into this profound program.



‘The power of meditation and the guidance one receives when connected in the right way stood out for me the most . To have faith, to not live in fear and guilt as well as that everyone is a leader in their own way were the greatest learnings for me. An amazing journey to have done. Very sad that it is finishing as it has become part of my life and so much has transformed over the course.’ – KT
‘Most powerful course I have ever done! How powerful the different aspects of ourselves are, how much help we have with everything in our lives. This course went way beyond what I thought I would learn or get out of it. Pathways to Spirit was the most transformative, life changing, empowering, healing course I have ever been on. As one connects to your spirit and gets all the messages directly from your spirit, as well as connecting to the different directions, and all the tools that the course holds.’ – Ceal
’This course has been the highlight of my spiritual journey to date. The ‘realness’ of it is tangible. You live it, rather than learn it. It is the most powerful tool for transformation I have ever experienced. Thank you from all of who I am. You have been the most remarkable teacher and special friend.’ – Lindy
‘The space held was always loving, supporting and inviting. The information provided gives such wonderful insights which leaves one always positive and hopeful, despite times of challenges. The greatest teaching per se was manifestation of the realisation that all has purpose, all is created to help us and we need to find the veil of illusion, lift it to experience, trust fully and be able to love life even more to experience bliss within.  Kate, you are a wonderful person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you are and do.’ – Tina
‘Truly transformational! The space, the knowledge passed on, the openness and safe space. I think each section had its own learnings and felt different. Thank you Kate for sharing your knowledge and for holding such a safe space for us to grow, learn and experience all the emotions that get released and awakened.’ – Sands