Parenting Indigo & Crystal Children

parenting indigo & crystal children

by Kate Spreckley

BF2I am the mother of a Indigo Child, Chloe and a Crystal Child, Sarah. The path to motherhood has never been easy and for me it certainly is a never ending Spiritual journey of discovery, emotionally, mentally, physically and Spiritually. Surprisingly, the discovery seems to be of myself rather than of a better way of parenting. For me, becoming a mother was the start of a very profound Spiritual journey that has left nothing untouched in my life.

Giving birth to Chloe introduced me to my life. Thanks to this beautiful child I now understand myself better, I discovered my life purpose and I am continuing to discover myself. Chloe suffered from colic for the first 3 months of her life and I went slowly insane with lack of sleep and support. When Chloe was a year old I was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. I was sent to a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a support group and was put on anti-depressants. After about 8 months of conventional western treatment I felt exceedingly anger and no better.

A friend suggested I see an alternative healer. After 3 treatments I felt almost ‘normal’ again. During my first session I was told that both Chloe and I were Indigo Children. The healer suggested I begin finding out more about Indigo’s and in that way I would gain a better understanding of myself and Chloe. That was the start of my study into Indigo and Crystal children.

It is a subject that I have researched extensively and it has brought about much understanding and awareness of me and my children. Learning that I was an Indigo Child started me on a journey of self discovery. For the first time in my life I began to understand myself, my emotions, my “knowing” and my gifts. I have a sense of who I am and why I am here. One of my biggest lessons has been the realization that in order to effectively parent my own children I needed to face my own demons, my own hurts. Many of us do not “just know” how to parent and we end up repeating patterns that have been passed from generation to generation. One of the key aspects of having an Indigo or Crystal child is that they continually force you to face your own wounds. They act as mirrors for our own behaviours and that which we need to face within ourselves.

The old ways of parenting no longer work and certainly my children do not respond to fear based discipline. They are more likely to listen and respond if I engage with them and discipline them from a place of love rather than fear. Again I have had to look at myself and the way in which I respond to situations and circumstances. I have needed to become aware of the patterns that I have created and redefine and renegotiate my own boundaries. I have found that my children find security in the knowledge that I have of myself, my own boundaries and ways of relating.

In gaining understanding and knowledge of Indigo and Crystal Children I realize that many of the frustrations and problems that I experienced as a new mother would have been alleviated. In hindsight I now understand that Chloe’s colic was just a manifestation of the frustration and anger I felt in what I thought was my inadequacy at being a mother. In trying to control my baby, her sleep time, her feeding time and her play time I was causing stress and anxiety for us both. Now I know that I cannot afford to ignore the possibility that if my children are having difficulties, I might need to be the one who needs to change.

Having Sarah 3 years later I was more consciously aware of my baby’s emotional and spiritual needs as well as her physical needs. In gaining a better understanding of Crystal Children I allowed Sarah to show me her rhythm of feeding, sleeping and playing. I believe this helped Sarah to be a very relaxed, calm and peaceful baby. It was only when Sarah was about 5 or 6 months old that I realized the extent of her will and her determination, a typical trait of a Crystal Child. Over the last 3 years we have learned to work together and have gained a respect for each other that I would not have thought possible in relation to a 2 year old.

Indigo and Crystal Children have a very strong sense of identity; they instinctively know who they are, what they need and what they feel to be true. Chloe most certainly carries this definite sense of herself and yet at the same time she needs specific boundaries and explanations of why they are necessary. Unless those boundaries are put in place and strictly adhered to we end up with a household that is run by a 5 year old. Although these children are highly evolved souls and are here to teach us new ways of being, we as adults are more aware of the limitations of our existence and this we need to teach to them.

Having Chloe started me on a journey of self discovery and the journey has evolved since having Sarah. Chloe forces me to face my true self and my demons; Sarah helps me to accept, to love and to nurture myself.
I have been blessed with these two very different children both of whom have brought the most wonderful gifts of unconditional love, learning and tenderness. The way in which I parent them is very different in a lot of ways. Mainly because they are so different, but also because I have changed. I find I am more consciously aware with Sarah than I was with Chloe at the same age. With Chloe I am always learning more about myself whereas with Sarah I can put that learning into practice. Chloe seems to help me to look at my past, with Sarah I can begin to create my future.

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