Martina Winnemoeller

Martina Winnemoeller

‘The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – its all that matters’ -Audrey Hepburn

martina winnemoellerMartina is based in Cape Town, South Africa but travels to her home town of Hamburg once a year to visit family and clients in Germany. Her focus is on stress management, emotional, mental and physical well being. She uses her intuitive gifts, guidance and guided visualisations to help you reconnect with your inner wisdom, creating deep relaxation to release tension and help you deal with everyday stressors.

Acute or chronic physical problems are treated using deep emotional therapy or past life regression to overcome past trauma as well as releasing emotional and mental conditioning that is holding you back. Martina also offers chakra balancing and clearing to remove blockages in the body to restore balance and harmony.

Martina is available for consultations both in English and in German. She offers consultations in person or via email or Skype.

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