Linda Bruce


Parent and Child Coach

Open, honest,linda bruce spirit pathways calm communication is a critical component to healthy family relationships, and yet one of the hardest things for most parents and children to get right. At the heart of open, honest, calm communication is each individuals need to know who they are, express who they are and be loved and accepted as they are. In order for communication to be constructive and effective a family needs to integrate the values of kindness, respect, fairness, peace and truth into the way they interact and communicate with each other.
Through her experience as a mother of three, author of ‘Motherhood and Me’, creator of the COOL TO BE ME Social – Emotional learning curriculum, Linda coaches and mentors parents and their children to better know and understand themselves so that they may open the doors to open, honest and calm communication and find their way back to a healthy, happy family life.
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Linda is also the creator of Cool To Be Me a company that develops, publishes and assists in the implementation of Social-Emotional Learning programmes for children.  View her website here

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