Kate Spreckley



Kate Spreckley is the founder of the Spirit Pathways.  Her passion lies in facilitating, supporting and guiding those who wish to heal, grow, expand and transform.

Kate is an expert in energy medicine and vibrational healing and alignment.  Her unique approach to personal growth and spiritual development incorporates the entire being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Her distinctive and unique gift enables her to read energetic fields and bring release, healing and the clearing of blocks, old patterns, negative beliefs and challenging life experiences. This process brings you into alignment with your soul and fosters a higher state of connection and balance.

Working with people around the world Kate’s natural abilities and skills in the field of energy medicine, personal and spiritual development and intuitive counselling have helped many to heal, grow and transform themselves and their lives.

Over the years Kate has allowed her inner guidance to shape the way in which she works.  In her personal consultations she offers a creative mix of everything she has found to be most useful and effective.  By choosing to work with Kate you are signing up for a transformational process in which every aspect of your life and being is addressed.

The author of ‘Awakening the Heart’ Kate has also contributed to numerous publications around the world since 2003.  She offers her services at her consulting rooms in Cape Town, South Africa, or via Skype to clients across the globe.

For more information or to book a consult with Kate please contact us

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