Karma & Reincarnation

karma and reincarnation

By Chris du Plessis

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The findings of an investigation and probe into the Akashic Records regarding the beginning of time, the probable origin of the human species, and the constitution of man, namely the amalgamation of spirit with matter. The reason and purpose of life in the Earth vibration is expanded upon in terms of gift of free-will and the associated and immutable twin laws of Karma and Reincarnation for the purpose that man can learn to totally align the will of the ego (free-will) with the Will of God, which is to become and be the embodiment of love and at-one with all life.
The mechanics and functioning of the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation is elucidated with examples and discussion. Including amongst other things, an understanding of and discussion on the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues and the Holy Trinity.
A book for the serious student in search for truth and understanding.

Author Bio:

In the early seventies Chris du Plessis was part of a ‘Developing Circle’ to which where invited a select group of people. The purpose of this circle was intended to assist and stimulate interested persons to develop their psychic abilities and an understanding of spirit matters. Later this circle change to become a ‘Teaching Circle’ with the emphasis on spiritual matters and various subjects related to life, man and the greater scheme of things. This book is a transcript of many of the sessions of this circle and a sharing of the wisdom that came through.

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