Heidi Schmitz

Heidi Schmitz


A second generation Astrologer, I am following closely in my Grandmothers footsteps. Her interest in Metaphysics and Mystical studies rubbed off on me at a very young age and I started studying whatever I could get my hands on from my teenage years. I have completing various Healing modalities and studies but kept finding that my true passion lies in the art of Astrology. I use it as a tool to understand the Language of the Celestial Realm and its influence on us.

As above so below…

I decided to formalize my studies completing a 3 year Diploma with Rod Suskin (renowned Astrologer) I have also completed various Master classes on predictive techniques with the internationally renowned Bernadette Brady. I am qualified as a Traditional Western Astrologer.

An Astrology Reading gives you an in-depth opportunity to really understand what drives you in ‘everyday’ situations and then an even deeper understanding of yourself at a Soul Level.  In a reading I give you an understanding of yourself and together we discover where you are on the path of your unfolding Karma. I also overlay some ancient predictive techniques and look at any relevant cycles or transits that are coming up for you in the next year.

 Know Thyself…

I am available to do energetic healing and chakra balancing, of course integrating planetary energies with this.

An empath by nature I am driven by my passion to help people. This is directly in line with the Soul Purpose in my Natal Chart.



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