Energy Report – February 2017


by Kate Spreckley

2016 was the Year of the Soul. A year in which we experienced profound shifts, sudden realisations and rapid growth. A year of deep healing and collective awakening. All of which sounded very exciting until the actual work began and the sudden awakenings and realisations occurred! It definitely wasn’t an easy year as many painful truths were revealed. New challenges emerged as illusions shattered and the reality of certain situations and relationships was exposed. It was a confusing time for many as hidden fears, old beliefs and patterns arose intensifying the turmoil. At the same time new experiences brought deeper understandings and different perspectives on old issues.


The energy of 2017 started off feeling much more like the end of 2016. Yet a powerful burst of new energy has been emerging since the New Moon on the 28th.   This new energy is moving to shift the landscape of your life and to bring you into deeper alignment with your Soul. In Chinese astrology this is the year of the Fire Rooster, which promises us the birth of a new day and a new cycle of awakening.   Impressive shifts will occur that will change the direction of your life, how you perceive yourself, others and your place in this world.

In 2017 you will see a profound restructuring of your life and the final release of old karmic relationships, experiences and situations. You will be released from the needs and requirements of your ego, which will enable your life to unfold according to the demands of your Soul. The needs of your Soul will be brought into sharp focus. Clarity, awareness and expansion will arise as you consciously work with and understand the needs and purpose of your Soul.

Your Soul exists within a stream of energy, which you access via your heart. A plan for your Soul’s entire existence is contained within this flow of energy. When you consciously access its realms you awaken the wisdom, insights and guidance held therein. With this information you are able to live your life motivated by the needs of your Soul. Inspiration then flows and you are offered greater clarity, direction and focus. Your consciousness then naturally shifts and expands bringing a new state of being, which enables you to powerfully expand your light into the world.

In the last few years you have moved through a profound evolutionary process. You have been through the fire of transmutation. You have faced the demons of your past. You may have been battered and bruised, but you have come through it. It has been a very internal and isolating process, which has initiated the creation of an energetic pathway to your Soul’s energy. Currently any remaining blockages and barriers to this pathway are being dissolved. Emotions are being heightened as your relationships, connections and life situations are being reviewed. You may come to find that you can no longer live your life as you once did.

As you continue to strengthen the energetic pathway to your Soul you will find yourself coming out of the ‘dark’ and into the ‘light’. It is therefore essential that your life begin to match the energetic vibration of your Soul. This requires you to be more open, honest and vulnerable and to reveal your true self to the world without fear of rejection, loss or hurt. For some this may initiate a total overhaul of life.

The necessary shifts and changes you make now will allow the clarity of your Soul’s wisdom and guidance to be felt. Access to your Soul’s energy stream will give you with the information you need to move forward. Sudden inspirations and insights will occur as you allowing the energetic prompting of your Soul to guide you. This will enable you to begin building trust in yourself and in the plan your Soul has for your healing, growth and evolution.  

In the coming days, weeks and months trust how your life begins to play out. Your Soul knows exactly what it is doing and why. Trust the flow and what you are being called to do as you begin to reshape and redirect your life according to your Soul’s plan.   At your deepest level you know that it is your Soul’s truth that is guiding and influencing your life. Feel its ebbs and flows, the pauses and the connections. Feel its expansiveness. Clear any remaining unresolved reside from all aspects of your life and allow your Soul’s truth to support you in becoming a responsible human being, responsible for your continued awakening, growth and evolution.

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