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Kate Spreckley has been writing regular, channeled, information since 2002.  Her Energy Reports offer insights, information and guidance on the incoming energies and how they are affecting us collectively and individually.  

February 2017

2016 was the Year of the Soul. A year in which we experienced profound shifts, sudden realisations and rapid growth. A year of deep healing and collective awakening. All of which sounded very exciting until the actual work began and the sudden awakenings and realisations occurred! It definitely wasn’t an easy year as many painful truths were revealed. New challenges emerged as illusions shattered and the reality of certain situations and relationships was exposed. It was a confusing time for many as hidden fears, old beliefs and patterns arose intensifying the turmoil. At the same time new experiences brought deeper understandings and different perspectives on old issues. …..READ MORE


October 2016

We are in the midst of an extensive, complex and demanding transition as we build a new soul embodied reality while still wading through the debris of the old. At times the pace of transition seems unbearable slow and never ending as we endure the intensity of these disruptive energies. And yet within the relentlessness of this time some important work is being done. We are healing and releasing the habitual patterning of our human consciousness to enable the creation of a new heart and soul guided reality.  In September life changing events and transformations were initiated by the eclipses, which resulted in the release and healing of layers and layers of energetic patterning. A profound purging and clearing of your soul energy …..READ MORE


JULY 2016

Over the past few months the incoming cosmic energies have been incredibly powerful.  The March Equinox triggered an energetic reset, which created a cosmic storm of epic proportions.  This storm has been cleansing, clearing and purging all that is no longer required from us, collectively and individually.  As a result a cycle of intense and honest self-reflection ensued, which has forced you to move within and discover how you are living, or not living, your soul’s truth.  In this time you have been purified and emptied; your entire energy field has been filtered and refined.  The very foundations of your life have shifted.  How and in what way you have built your life has been tested.  You have been called to follow the paths of your inner world, to peel away the veils of suffering and darkness so that you may bring…..READ MORE

cosmic storm

APRIL 2016

At this time in Earth’s history every human upon the planet is experiencing a dramatic leap in soul evolution. The Earth is initiating this powerful process through an expansion of her own inner consciousness, creating a wave of transformation across the globe. As this transformation unfolds shifts will occur throughout the galaxy and beyond changing the very structure of our universe. It is this evolutionary process that is initiating our current journey of awakening and creating a transformation within our individual and collective energetic structures.  It is the activation of Christ Consciousness, which has catalyzed all of life into this period of profound growth and transformation. As this consciousness continues to unfold within you, you will be required to reestablish and re-stabilize your energetic system……READ MORE

april 2016


2016 promises to be a year of surprises, miracles and magic. The year opens with a supportive cosmic energy that asks you to let go and trust in the guiding spirit of the universe. It is going to be another year of deep healing and collective awakening, which will move to expand your capacity for love. Everything you have endured to now has facilitated the gradual full embodiment of your soul and the reclamation of your body of light. Self growth, healing and spiritual evolution has accelerated this process and brought many new paths, directions and opportunities. This will continue as we move into this new year. It is of course always your choice whether to embrace these new possibilities You may choose to continue your path of growth and shift your reality, or to remain unchanging in the destruction and chaos of the old world……READ MORE



This year we have experienced rapid shifts and changes as energetic blocks were revealed and released. This allowed for much of our old emotional patterns and mental structures to be broken down. We have endured, faced, transformed and transmuted so much and if we had thought this year would be a tad easier we were sorely mistaken!  It’s important to remember that you have come to earth at this time to refine and attune to the principles of heart-centered truth. The call of a spiritual rebirth was heard long before you incarnated and your mission is to reflect the divinity you hold within and become a living bridge between heaven and earth. Your purpose is to understand and realize the love and wisdom of your heart and to allow this wisdom to guide you in your actions and your choices. It is the power of your heart that will create a ripple of change within the entire fabric of humanity……READ MORE


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