Energy Healing Training

Energy Healer Training

Become an Energy Medicine Practitioner with Kate Spreckley


Become a Vibrational Reconnection Therapist

Do you have a passion for healing?  Do you want to awaken your unique gifts as an energy healer?  Then here is your chance to apprentice with Kate Spreckley to become a certified Vibrational Reconnection Therapy™ Healer.

A apprentice training program designed for those who wish to become a energy medicine practitioner, as well as for those who want to add this modality to their current therapy practice.

Course Details

In this intensive training program, taught by Kate Spreckley, you will activate higher levels of awareness and learn advanced healing techniques.  

During the training you, yourself will experience profound healing and transformation.  You will experience life changing levels of perception as you learn to heal yourself, heal others and thus the world around.

You will discover how to

  • Awaken and activate the 13th Point Chakra System

  • Pinpoint issues within the chakras, how to open and heal them

  • Unlock and heal deep psychological issues within the energy field

  • Use shamanic energy clearing and healing processes

  • Create a personal healing pathway for yourself and others

  • Discover and explore the energetic cycles of human development

  • Clear energetic patterns and programs

  • Release and clear trauma and pain from the energy system

  • Activate the luminous energy field

  • Healer’s Ethics

  • Psycho-spiritual therapy

  • Sacred Attention



Kate has taken everything she has learned over the past twenty years of study and practice in healing techniques, meditation, shamanic energy medicine and so much more to create this energy healing technique.

Inspire lessons, exercises and assignments enable you to deeply immerse yourself in these teachings.  This level of study will show you how to facilitate, inspire and empower healing in others.

Work directly under Kate’s guidance to develop your skills and to begin using them for yourself and others.

Affect change in yourself and others and join Kate on this journey of profound growth and development.

Vibrational Reconnection Therapy™

What does Vibrational Reconnection Therapy do

Vibrational Reconnection Therapy activates, expands and heals the luminous energy body.  It is this body of light that informs your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to create health, increase vitality and enhance your wellbeing.

It is a process of healing that repairs, restructures and aligns the energy field with the divine blueprint for life.  Generally your energy field creates your health (emotionally, mentally and physically) based on the energy signature you inherited from your parents.  Therefore you recreate family health issues, emotional dramas and psychological programs.

This can be changed through the Vibrational Reconnection Therapy process, which triggers a release of the imprints and patterns inherited from your family.

Vibrational Reconnection Therapy releases all energies that may be holding you stuck in repeating patterns which prevent you from accessing the life you desire.

This therapy is a profoundly effective healing process that utilises specific healing vibrations to release and realign your entire energy system.  It works at a core level where it creates a vibrational change and reconnection, which reverberates through each of your energy bodies generating a cellular shift that enhances all levels of your being.

A healing that is unique, powerful and effective in releasing and clearing blockages, patterns and programs in the physical, emotional and spiritual energy bodies.  Blockages that hold you back from achieving success, happiness, love, health and positive flow in all areas of your life.

Program Details

In this training program you will learn to free the energy of abuse, powerlessness, fear, trauma and pain.  You will learn to refine the energy field and bring greater alignment with the spirit.

Discover how when one is strongly connected to their true self they are able to flow with their life purpose, to be radiant, joyous, open hearted and prosperous.

Learn how to identify patterns that are causing imbalance and effectively release them at a core level to bring a natural state of health, self confidence, inner harmony and balance.

Understand how emotions such as fear, doubt and anger block or disconnect energy circuits and constrict the flow of energy within the energy field.  Learn to uncover the subconscious and hidden influences, which negatively affect and inhibit the healing process.

Discover how the energy of divine love enhances the energy circuit, reconnects and amplifies them, which aligns the individual with their true nature.


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