Energy Balance for Children

energy balance for children

by Kate Spreckley

EpopChildren have highly sensitive energy systems which can become adversely affected by the environments that we exist in. The highly tuned energy system of a child picks up on the negative emotional, mental and environmental energy surrounding them and absorbs this energy like a sponge. This causes the child to become ungrounded, unhappy, depressed and or angry, all of which leads them to begin making poor choices and to self – sabotage. Life can become very difficult for both the child and the parents as the child begins to act out and express these negative and detrimental energies.

Many parents are concerned for the emotional well being of their child and seek counselling. Some symptoms of energetic imbalance can include the following –

• The child may become highly anxious, worrying about many things and may develop obsessive – compulsive behaviours as a way of coping.
• Some children and teens appear depressed and may even be self harming or suicidal.
• Another difficulty is the antagonistic child whose anger and reaction seems vast in contrast to the situation. These children can turn the home or classroom upside down with their temper tantrums and reactive, rebellious behaviours.

All of the above behaviours can be seen as symptoms of an energetic imbalance in the child due to their personal and environmental experiences and not simply as behavioural problems. The essential causes driving these ‘behaviours’ needs to be addressed if the child is to be a fully functioning and thriving member of society.

Many children need physical movement to keep their brains switched on and their ability to process quickly while multi-tasking often mistakenly earns them the label of ADD/ADHD along with a prescription for Ritalin.
Ritalin is a stimulant drug which has a sedating effect on the stressed child. Ritalin may give the appearance of increasing the child’s ability to sit still and pay attention. It will not however correct the chronic jumbled energy that leads to energetic patterns being created within the child, that ultimately cause long term problems for the child. These new energetic patterns may numb the child to their true potential and may make it difficult for the child to fit into our left-brain oriented world.

To raise healthy and positive children we need to help them become aware of their energy functioning and to recognize when their systems are ungrounded and disorganized. The child who is ‘spaced out’ and totally in their head instead of tuned into the information from their physical bodies will more easily pick up negative energy. If they live in this state for long periods of time they will feel emotionally numb or become highly reactive with no idea as to why their emotions are so overwhelming.

The healing methods required to help and assist these children to cope with their sensitivity need to be working with the four aspects of being: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spiritual body.

Energy clearing and balancing is a process that uses a very powerful energy to clear, repair and balance all of the energy centres in the body. The main process of healing is to clean up the energy body, the physical body and the thoughts and emotional charges that a person has to certain events, memories, people or situations. The focus is on clearing and balancing the different aspects of the individual.

It is a wonderful process that restores and aligns a child’s energy field quickly, restoring balance, focus and peace within. It is deeply relaxing and can be a meditative process removing stress from the body, mind and soul.

It is a very gentle healing method and I have worked with new born babies, children and adults of all ages.
Many older children find it helpful to have someone to talk to that understands exactly how life has been for them and the difficulties they have that others do not comprehend or appreciate. Many adults simply have problems being ‘here’ and the energy work and subsequent counselling can benefit all who are wishing to heal themselves and transform their lives.

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