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Awakening your heart, igniting your spirit and inspiring your soul

Journeys in healing, meditation, consciousness and energy medicine. Certified online courses and programs designed for your personal growth and spiritual development. Comprehensive and practical online courses to help people of all ages and all levels of spiritual understanding, personal growth and development. Learn helpful tools and techniques to support your journey. See all the courses offered below.


Illuminate the pathway to your inner wisdom and truth


with Kate Spreckley

Awaken your spirit and gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature. Develop a deeper connection to your inner wisdom and guidance. Tools and techniques taught to further your development, balance your energy and connect with your intuitive abilities.


Reconnecting to the sacred forces of creation

Elemental Medicine

with Kate Spreckley

Reawaken your vital connection with the natural world. Restore your connection to the Earth and realign yourself with all of creation. Awaken a deep reverence and commitment to being in real communion with the living energy of the Earth.


Reclaim your true, authentic self

Pathways to Mastery

with Kate Spreckley

A powerful and transformative journey to the core of your being to reclaim your true essence. Recover the wisdom of your soul and step into your divine power. Rich teachings and profound experiences designed to activate your power, passion and joy.


Learn to heal yourself as you learn to facilitate healing in others

Energy Healer Training

with Kate Spreckley

Become a certified Energy Healer. A program designed for those who wish to become an energy medicine practitioner, as well as those who wish to add this modality to their current therapy practice. Work with Kate Spreckley as she guides you to uncover and develop your inner healing gifts.


Discover the different dimensions of the chakra system

Chakra Medicine

with Kate Spreckley

Learn to balance and restore the energy of your chakras to manage your health and wellness.


Access your innate joy and divinity

Heal the Inner Child

with Kate Spreckley

Set you free of depression, anxiety and blocked negative energy


Weave and balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within

Divine Balance

with Kate Spreckley

Integrate and balance the divine aspects of yourself


Embark on a journey to discover your soul's purpose

Value, Worth, Purpose

with Kate Spreckley

Discover the unique essence of your divinity and your reason for being here now.


Finding your destiny

Healing the Soul

with Kate Spreckley


Master the manifestation process to begin co-creating your soul's vision


with Kate Spreckley

21 Days of Meditation

21 Days of Meditation

with Kate Spreckley

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February 21, 2018

Faith & Trust

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February 19, 2018

Dreaming a new world

‘Whether you realize it or not, we are all dreaming the world into being, although...
February 16, 2018

February’s New Moon Solar Eclipse

What a roller coaster ride the last two weeks have been! Thankfully today’s New Moon...
February 15, 2018