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Guided Meditations and Journeys

Guided Meditation Journeys

Choose from our range of guided meditations and journeys. Each one recorded by Kate Spreckley with soothing sounds of music and nature.

These guided meditations and journeys will support you in connecting with the universal energy and power that guides your life.  These meditations and journeys will awaken you to your highest self and your intuitive guidance.

Discover new ways of exploring your Spiritual world and gain greater clarity, transformation and expansion.  Unlock the hidden potential that lies within you and experience your own understanding of Spirit. 

Kate’s guided meditations contain potent energy and each meditation takes you on a journey to connect with the inner world of your soul.  

Listen often and discover the wisdom and answers from within.

How do I receive my guided meditation?

After purchase you will be directed directly to the meditation which you can INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD and SAVE to a DESKTOP or LAPTOP computer. ( once saved you can transfer to your smartphone or tablet )


Spirit Guide Journey

Length 26min – $7.99

Journey to meet and reconnect with the spiritual beings that guides and support you along your earth walk.  These incorporeal beings have been assigned to you before your birth and are here to help, guide and support you in living the life your soul has chosen.

Animal Totem Journey

Length 30.04min – $7.99

Travel along a shamanic pathway to meet and reconnect with your Animal Totem / Power Animal. Indigenous teachings say that each individual is connected with different animals that accompany them throughout their life acting as guides.

Grounding & Protection Meditation

Length 6.36min – $4.99

Grounding anchors your entire being and provides a shield that protects you from feeling drained and exhausted by the energies you come into contact with during the day.  This simple meditation will help you throughout your day.

Balancing Energy Bodies

Length 19.34min – $7.99

Balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies and bring peace, happiness and tranquility to all aspects of your life.  Aligning these energies will relieve stress, remove blockages and restore energetic flow to your entire being.

Unity Breath Meditation

Length 12.30min – $7.99

A simple meditation which enables you to enter into the sacred space of your heart.  Allow yourself to connect with the heart of the Earth and the Sun and absorb the beautiful vibration of love, compassion and peace.

Awakening Intuition Meditation

Length 10.11min – $4.99

Enhance your creativity, increase your awareness and awaken your intuition so you may live life in alignment with your heart and soul.

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