Awakening the Heart

awakening the heart

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Awakening the Heart simply explains many of the complex spiritual concepts of this time and gives insights on healing and awakening your heart. Throughout this book, the reader, is reminded of the importance of the spirit and the need for awareness and consciousness as we travel the path of spiritual evolution.

Author Bio:

Kate Spreckley is the founder of the Spirit Pathways Foundation. She is a dedicated and passionate international spiritual healer, teacher and facilitator. Her passion lies in supporting, guiding and helping those who wish to heal, grow, evolve, transform and change. Her unique approach to healing incorporates the entire being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Kate has had the pleasure of working with and positively supporting a shift in the lives of many around the globe through her work as an energy medicine practitioner, counsellor, coach and writer. Her natural abilities and skills have helped many to shift, transform and heal. In this her first book, Kate shares much wisdom and guidance to support your process of growth, healing and shifting consciousness.

awakening the heart

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