Insights and information about our journey of awakening, healing and evolving consciousness

The Shifting Balance

Many are questioning the purpose behind their lives, searching for guidance and insight.  Very few are prepared to do the actual work required to shift and change, as our habitual way of thinking is to consider such questions as unknowable.  We shrug off any awareness we get as we are drawn into the mundane aspects of our lives…….READ MORE

Shifting Consciousness

The whole of creation is subject to a structure of cosmic cycles that ebbs and flows like the seasons and the tides.  Humanity’s growth, development and evolution depends on these cosmic cycles and is connected to these cycles through the Earth.  Every 13,000 years there is a sacred event that occurs in the earth……..READ MORE

Diamond Light Consciousness

We are definitely seeing an increase in the intensity of energy we are working with.  The pressure has been building, creating many internal and external shifts and changes.  With major releases of old structures and patterns we are being compelled to re-evaluate our lives……READ MORE

12 Strands of DNA

For years science has recognise that we have two active physical strands of DNA.  We also have a further ten energetic strands which have been dormant within the human being for many centuries.  These dormant strands of DNA have been discover by scientists, who not knowing the function of these strands, have identified them…..READ MORE

Human Light Body

As human we are comprised of four bodies, our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual. These four bodies are interconnected and woven together creating our entire human being. Our being is linked to all of existence through our body of light. Our body of light is far greater in size than our physical body and is not limited nor constrained by our physical world. This body is able to move through time…….READ MORE

Healing the Inner Child

The concept of the Inner Child isn’t new and has been a part of our western culture for a long time.  Carl Jung called it the Divine Child, which is in essence who we truly are.  We are all the Divine Children of the Great Spirit, the Creator and therefore the Inner Child is not a separate entity, it is not a different aspect of ourselves, it is an energetic, creative aspect of ourselves that needs to be acknowledged…….READ MORE

Indigo & Crystal Children

We are all becoming aware that our world is shifting and changing. Many people are following paths of self discovery and healing, opening themselves up and becoming more spiritually aware. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, the children of our world have precipitated these shifts and changes.  These children fall under many different labels, but are basically all the children…..READ MORE

Energy Balancing for Children

The New Children have highly sensitive energy systems which can become adversely affected by the environments that we exist in. The highly tuned energy system of the New Child picks up on the negative emotional, mental and environmental energy surrounding them and absorbs this energy like a sponge. This causes the child to become ungrounded, unhappy, depressed and or angry, all of …….READ MORE

Shades of a Rainbow - The Earth Child

For many ancient tribes the Rainbow holds a special significance as it is a focal point of Spiritual belief. It is the belief that the Rainbow is a sign of the beauty and grace that is the Great Spirit, our Creator, and it instils in us a sense of hope and love. If we take this belief and apply it to the Children of our Earth we recognize that these wonderful beings are a direct reflection…..READ MORE

Parenting Indigo & Crystal Children

I am the mother of a Indigo Child, Chloe and a Crystal Child, Sarah. The path to motherhood has never been easy and for me it certainly is a never ending Spiritual journey of discovery, emotionally, mentally, physically and Spiritually. Surprisingly, the discovery seems to be of myself rather than of a better way of parenting. For me, becoming a mother was the start of a very profound…..READ MORE

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