Kate Spreckley was inspired to create Spirit Pathways in 2005.  She already had quite a following with her articles and information on Indigo and Crystal children and was excited to begin sharing information, wisdom and guidance on her own website.

Spirit Pathways has evolved since then and now includes a team of inspiring and gifted therapists, practitioners, healers and teachers.  Our focus is on the different levels of awakening, healing and growth.  As a team and individually we aim to support, guide and inspire you to live a life that is deeply fulfilling.

We offer different services, private consultations, courses, workshops and information, all of which will assist you on your path.  In working with our therapists you are offered a unique and special experience that is both practical and relevant to your personal life situation.  We wish to support you in living the life you are destined for, one that awakens your heart, ignites your spirit and inspires your soul.

Consultations are offered via Skype, email or in person at our therapy practices in Cape Town, South Africa.


Many of our courses and workshops can be done via correspondence.


Our Team

Kate Spreckley

Kate is the founder of Spirit Pathways and the Spirit Pathways Foundation.  She is a dedicated and passionate writer, healer, teacher and facilitator……MORE INFO

Martina Winnemoeller

Martina, a healer and teacher, uses her intuitive wisdom bringing release and healing. Her focus is on stress management and all levels of well being……. MORE INFO

Rex Schelling

Rex is a perfect mix of Accountant, Internet Entrepreneur, Quantum Energy Coach and Business Coach…..….. MORE INFO

Patwant Rhodes

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and facilitator, Patwant offers healings and teachings that are powerfully transformative and essential……….


Kate Cameron

The other Kate in the team has been in the intuitive business for a long time and offers consults online only……MORE INFO

Cecilia Castiglione

Time to Think Coach and EFT practitioner, Cecilia is passionate about helping you heal and release blocks……MORE INFO

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