Do you want more out of life? Do you want to be happier, healthier and inspired? Do you want to heal your past, expand into your present and activate the very best version of yourself?

Can you imagine what it would be like to live life fully, to activate your full potential and to create a fully activated life? Do you want to overcome your limitations, release your blocks and access the power of your own soul to guide your life? If so then the Pathways to Mastery program is for you!

The Pathways to Mastery program is an opportunity for you to learn how to manage your emotions, master your physical reality, expand your thinking and reconnect with the essential aspects of your being.

In this program you will shift and clear all that is preventing you from living the life you are destined for. You will liberate yourself from unconscious patterns, beliefs and programming. You will discover how to free yourself from that which is holding you back from living and creating positive changes in your life, health, relationships and career.

This process of self discovery, personal growth and spiritual development will awaken your heart, heal your life, inspire your mind, ignite your spirit and give you access to the wisdom of your soul. It is a program which brings profound transformation, healing and change.

Discover a new way of moving forward in your life with passion, joy and wisdom. Whether you are searching for understanding, healing or to expand your consciousness and enhance your own healing practice, the Pathways to Mastery program offers you something extraordinary.

Experience powerful transformation and last change and begin a journey to permanently transform your life.

Course Details

Pathways to Mastery is divided into six segments. Each segment contains modules, which include theoretical work and exercises. There are mini ‘holidays’ during this year which gives you time to integrate and process the work completed.

In addition to the modules, you will receive guided meditation journey’s throughout the year, which have been specifically recorded by Kate for this program.

A one-on-one pre-course interview with Kate is recommended to answer any questions and to discuss the course details and your level of commitment.

A one-on-one post course consultation with Kate is also offered if required.

Classes are held weekly in Cape Town, South Africa or via correspondence for those who live else where.

Our program begins in February 2018. For further details please contact us