In these transformative times we are shifting and aligning more and more with our Soul aspect and less with our ego. As a result our lives are changing and we are being encouraged to connect with our Soul and to follow it’s guidance. Yet it can be challenging trying to figure out what it is that our Soul is saying.

In this manifestation workshop you are give the chance to bring into clear focus the needs and desires of your Soul. You are helped to clear any subconscious blockages and beliefs, which may be limiting your full potential and the unfoldment of your Soul plan.

This workshop will connect you with your Soul so that you may connect with it’s wisdom and guidance. It is an opportunity for you to discover how to bring your Soul’s vision into manifestation without losing focus, drive or energy.

->Find clarity, discover purpose, inspiration and a deeper understanding of yourself, your life path and your Soul.<-

**Workshop Details:**

Dates – Saturday 9th December
Times – 10am to 4pm

The workshop is facilitated by Kate Spreckley whose passion lies in facilitating, supporting and guiding those who wish to heal, grow, expand and transform.

For more details or to book your space please contact us