Jupiter moves into The sign of Scorpio this month. Jupiter stays in each sign for almost one year and will remain Scorpio until November 2018.

Jupiter is known as the great benefic planet and represents the energy of expansion and increase; it is the planet of wisdom, our “higher intelligence”, religion, opportunities, optimism, grace and good fortune.

Since Jupiter spends almost one year in each sign, its influence becomes very important. It follows a greater 12 year cycle and spotlights the areas of potential growth in our lives in a progressive cycle. What house Jupiter falls in your chart gives greater information of where you are on this 12 year journey and how and what areas of your life will be influenced.

Scorpio does have the reputation for being quite dark and intense with Jupiter there it can be quite a potent energy. It can speak of a deeply emotional time where we have the opportunity to go into the darker corners of ourselves and gain a greater understanding of who we are at our deepest level.

Jupiter in Scorpio can also bring on great passion and intense sexual unions.

Always be aware of Jupiters expansive energy and take care not to ‘overdo’ too much.

If you have sun ☀️, moon🌙 or rising sign 💫 or Any of your personal planets in any of the water signs♋️♏️♓️this has the potential to be a year of personal growth and all round good ‘juju’


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