5th October will see the rise of another Full moon, this time in the fiery sign of Aries. Hold onto your focus people , there is a lot of impulsive energy around!

Full moon is the culminating time of our new moon intentions. In Virgo they were grounded and practical – we were shifting our focus to our body temple and also getting the mundane duties of our day to day lives in order. Full moon is the time where the “hidden” things we weren’t conscious of become illuminated- so its a great time to just check in with where you were two weeks ago. Has anything come up? Whats shifted or changed? Hows that healthy eating going

The yearly Full Moon cycle also focuses on the series of polarity’s that exist in our lives and this Full moon is one of the most important. The Libra- Aries axis is the starting point and the halfway mark. It highlights ourselves as individuals vs ourselves in our relationships. It brings into focus the need for balance between meeting our personal needs and remaining independent vs tending to the needs of a significant other or our ‘relationship’ and also our dependence on it.

We really battle with this one – all of us! Most of us get completely lost and stuck at one end of the scale or the other at different times in our lives. This is by far the most scary of polarity for most people .

Neglecting either end of the Aries-Libra axis will surely backfire on us at some point .The truth is that in remaining independent and also in allowing your partner to be independent, the mutual respect for the relationship,each other and yourself is so much greater anyway.

The Full Moon may very well illuminate this conflict for many. It invites us to find the balance , don’t be afraid …


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