Monday 7 August = Lunar Eclipse

On Monday August 7 , We will have a lunar eclipse. This is the start of the eclipse phase and the much talked about Full Solar Eclipse that they will see over much of the USA later this month.

In eclipses – Geography does count !!! and anyone ‘standing’ in the shadow of the eclipse will feel the effects – no matter how subtle.

Lunar Eclipses tend to work on an internal level – they have a lot to do with our feelings and our emotions and tend to reveal what may be hidden. Situations that we may have been avoiding can often be to the surface.

If you have your Natal Chart, knowing where the eclipse is
(15 degrees Aquarius) and what house it falls in would tell you the exact nature of the issues. Any planets or points in aspect to it may also affect how you deal with the energy. The happenings surrounding eclipses can be sudden and their effects can last for around 6 months.

Eclipses bring inevitable changes and turning points, pushing us off the fence if we’ve been wishy-washy in certain ‘difficult’ decisions in our life, demanding that we take a stand.

Heidi Schmitz Astrology