This month is an interesting one! August opens with us in the midst of the Lion’s Gate portal which opened on the 26th July and closes on the 12th August. We have a Full Moon Eclipse on the 7th August and New Moon Eclipse on the 21st August.  

All this cosmic activity is urging address any imbalances that arise, anything that blocks us from creating a heart centered reality. ❤️ Our energy is being fine tuned in preparation for a profound rebirth and the frequencies of expanded consciousness are accelerating to support this rebirth.

Use this powerful time to focus on your heart. Allow your heart to be your strength and your light as you navigate your way through the chaos of the external world. Practice kindness and compassion. Allow yourself to let go of fear, judgment and resistance. Liberate your heart and allow the light of your soul to guide you forward.

Blessings and love to you all