Last week I sent out information from Heidi Schmitz on the July New Moon. Today I am excited to introduce Heidi to you all.

Heidi is following in her Grandmothers metaphysical and mystical footsteps. She has been studying all that she could from a very young age, learning many different healing modalities and finally finding her passion in Astrology.

In her Astrology Readings Heidi offers in-depth understandings about what drives you as well as deeper insights into yourself and and your life at a soul level. She is able to help you discover where you are on your unfolding path of karma and any relevant cycles or transits that may be coming up for you in the near future.

I always find an astrology reading to be helpful in understanding where I am at and how to ‘plan’ (Universe laughing) for the coming year. Heidi’s reading with me was informative, insightful and really, really helpful.

Heidi offers her readings in person or via Skype.

For more information you can view Heidi’s page on Spirit Pathways here or contact us to book a reading