Shewweee this is proving to be a deeply transitional time! Its been a while since I have been able to sit down and actually write about what is occurring for us all. I’ve found it difficult to put into worlds the enormity of what we are experiencing as our illusions shatter and reality reveals itself as the untruth that it is. It is definitely more a feeling thing than a thinking thing as we align more and more with our soul’s truth. This alignment is shifting our perspectives. The truth is becoming glaringly obvious. No more head in sand stuff. Fully awake, fully present and fully in it – body, mind, heart and soul. Very uncomfortable at times! This months Energy Report explains in more detail whats up. You can read it here

In other news our traveling Yogi, Patwant is going to be on the gorgeous Silver Island in October. Its a Kundalini Yoga retreat where you will be taught a range of ancient transformative techniques and skills for cultivating inner awareness. For more details view here

I’m also excitedly planning a sacred journey / pilgrimage to the UK in September. If you are keen to join drop me an email and I can send you the details.

This is a pivotal time in our lives and as we head into the new month remember to take time each day to center in your heart. To open to the love and security of knowing that everything is divinely planned, held and supported. Your soul knows exactly what it is doing!

Much love and many blessings