bird_on_way_to_heavenCurrently the energy flow of the entire planet is being reset. As this reset occurs we are encouraged to reclaim the power of our hearts, to reclaim who we truly are, individually and collectively. We are straddling two very different versions of consciousness, which can lead one to feel a little lost, confused and anxious. Know that in this time it is important to place your focus and awareness on the beauty that surrounds you, focus on the small joys and the consciously choose the reality you wish to exist within. This transition from mind consciousness to heart consciousness is a natural evolutionary process. The resulting planetary, collective and individual shifts and changes are a necessary part of this process… is all part of a greater plan and a bigger picture that we just can’t see right now. In the coming months and years, as our hearts open and we actively work with its power, this picture will become clearer and clearer.

In this time of massive change be gentle and kind with yourself and others. As the feelings of anxiety and fear come up feel them and let them go. Actively use the tools that you have available from prayer, to meditation, to energy balancing and clearing to tapping or whatever works for you to support you through this process. You are not alone in these feelings. You are not alone in this process. Seek help and support if you are feeling overwhelmed. And remember that this too shall pass.

With much love and blessings to you all.

Kate x