animals,nature,photography,sky-dc0f5b5fb02d44edabafb92d08581778_hThe Spirit Pathways team endeavour to write regular updates and insights on our new blog.

oday’s post is just a short insight into the current energy flows. Its been an intense few weeks culminating with not only one but two massive earthquakes in Nepal. Last weeks earthquake in Nepal coinsidered with seven volcanic eruptions seen around the globe. Yes seven eruptions occurred within hours of each other in the Pacific Ocean, Mexico, Guatemale, Vanatu, Italy, Indonesia and Chile. That’s quite an explosion of Earth energy!

These shifts and changes occurring within the Earth have a direct effect on our human collective. We feel these shifts within ourselves as well as within the collective consciousness. The energies of this time are intense and fast paced creating rapid processing, transformations, awakenings and healings. More to come in this months Energy Report.

Currently our lives are in a period of what I can only describe as a realignment. We are being realigned within a new space….directed down new paths and new opportunities. Perhaps there are situations, people and past inspirations that are coming up in your life for another look? Perhaps there are ideas and thoughts you had in the past that seem to have come to nothing and you let them go? I’ve been revisiting old ideas and inspirations lately, many that I put to one side because I didn’t think I had the time to do them or didn’t think they were particularly relevant to my life’s purpose. What I am understanding at the moment is that with all the chaos erupting in our world, literally and figuratively, its important that we stay open to sudden changes and new directions. At the same time its becoming more and more essential that we follow the paths that make our hearts sing and our minds rejoice. We are being called to reconstruct and live our lives in a more meaningful way…..but who said meaningful had to be serious or hard? My sense is that we have the next 5 months to really uncover what makes our hearts sing….what makes our Spirit dance.

In these times of seeming chaos and eruption take time focus on the blessings in your life, embrace the joy and find the beauty in your every day.

Much love and blessings