tumblr_mkjw8oi7vb1s5jt7zo1_500This week certainly feels like we have shifted gears and moved up a notch in energy. Last weeks tragic earthquake in Napal caused a ripple of feeling through the collective consciousness, leaving many emotional and exhausted. We often forget how interconnected we are and that what is felt by one is felt by all. As our consciousness expands and our awareness grows the feelings of interconnectedness become stronger. Our sensitivities heighten and we energetically pick up on that is occurring within the lives of those that share this beautiful planet with us.

Even with all the tragedy around the earthquake what always warms my heart is the outpouring of love, support and goodness from around the globe as many have and continue to open their hearts and offer support and prayers for all those affected.

The current shifts in energy are heightening our sensitivity causing a stronger sense and feeling of the collective. Our intuition is becoming stronger, our sensitivity is growing which means we are feeling and picking up on the energies in and around us more and more. Feelings of extreme tiredness, fear and anxiety can come in waves as your connection to the collective increases with your growing sensitivity. Its important in these times of intensity and change to focus on self care. Here are some helpful tips for riding the current waves of energy –

  • Drink plenty of water, rest often, eat well and do gentle exercise. Your physical body needs support in order to integrate the incoming energies.
  • Be conscious of your thoughts….focus your mind on positive thoughts, positive emotions and positive affirmations. Focus on the beauty in this world. Count your blessings.
  • Focus on raising your energy levels through daily meditation or doing things which bring you happiness and blis..
  • Allow yourself 10 mintues or more a day to sit in stillness and quite to absorb and integrate the incoming energies.
  • Spend time in nature. The gentle energy of nature clears our energy field and brings in a sense of groundness and peace.
  • Find a coach or healer to support you through this process. Often talking things through with a professional can bring about a shift in perception….seeing things in a different way often brings a lightening of the load and a shift in energy.
  • Take steps daily that bring you into alignment with your joy.


Wishing you all a very blessed weekend.

Kate x