Energy Balancing & Healing

Each of us has a Energy Field, which holds the original blueprint of our whole, healed and healthy body.  Unlike a physical blueprint the Energy Field is influenced by both the positive and negative experiences, situations and memories in our lives.  

The positive experiences and memories we have do not leave a stain on our Energy Field, however our unresolved emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual traumas and wounding create imprints in the Energy Field.   These imprints are formed when the negative energy that accompanies the trauma or would are not healed.  The longer the imprint remains the deeper the energetic mark extends, which can create a intense emotional, mental and physical reactions.  

The energetic imprints can be triggered, spilling toxic energy, which affects the central nervous system, the emotional and mental state and re-igniting the original trauma within the Energy Field.

Energy Medicine is the healing of the Energy Field, correcting the energetic defects and blockages, which realigns the Energy Field. Energy Medicine clears toxic energy from the energy field and removes the marks left from unresolved emotional, mental, physical and Spiritual traumas and wounds.  The energy field is then cleared, repaired and balanced, restoring the flow of an individuals energy to its strongest and natural state.

This is a beautiful process, which will restore and realign your energy fields to bring balance, focus and peace.  It is deeply relaxing.  Energy medicine can bring about rapid personal change in anyone who is wanting to improve their lives.  It works successfully on a wide range of issues.  This process is beneficial for all ages and can be done in person or long distance.  Book your session here.

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