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As human beings we have reached a very significant point in our evolution, which has resulted in many individuals around the world searching for a more meaningful, profound and purposeful way of life.  For those who wish to personally and consciously participate in co-creating a new and better world the Spirit Pathways Foundation is for you!

For nearly two decades Kate A. Spreckley has dedicated her life to exploring, teaching and sharing new ways of living and being that embrace values such as integrity, authenticity, honesty, accountability, responsibility, intuition, respect and service.  The Spirit Pathways Foundation has been created with these values and strives to find and create tangible solutions to the Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issues we all currently face.

The Spirit Pathways Foundation has four divisions

Spirit Pathways - Awakening and Evolving Humanity’s Consciousness

Healing Pathways - Many leaves, One Tree

Kids Pathways - Healing, Teaching & Parenting

Eco Pathways - Education, Design, Implementation

Spirit Pathways Foundation Spirit Pathways Healing Pathways Kids Pathways Eco Pathways
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