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Our purpose is to inspire you to live the life you are destined for, a life that is both joyful & deeply fulfilling.

As human beings we are in the midst of a powerful and significant shift in consciousness.  This shift is requiring us to awaken, heal and reconnect with our innate divine nature.  As a result many are searching for support, guidance, understanding and a more meaningful, profound way of life.

Are you finding it difficult to know how to create a well balanced, harmonious and deeply satisfying life?  Are you desiring vibrant health, full self expression, meaningful work and fulfilling relationships?  Are there changes, choices and decisions you need to make in your life?

Whatever your circumstance and or beliefs we, at Spirit Pathways, can help, guide and empower you to create the life you desire. Our experienced therapists, practitioners and teachers are here to serve and we offer private consultations, courses,workshops and information.   From energy healing to intuitive counselling; from personal development and spiritual growth to nutritional advice and wellness. We cover all areas of your life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

our team

kate spreckley

Kate is the founder of the Spirit Pathways Foundation, a dedicated and passionate International healer, teacher and facilitator……MORE INFO

Martina Winnemoeller

Martina a healer and teacher uses her intuitive wisdom bringing release and healing.  Her focus is on stress management and well being…….MORE INFO

Patwant Rhodes

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and facilitator, Patwant offers healings and teachings that are powerfully transformative and essential…..MORE INFO

Cecilia Castiglione

Time to Think Coach and EFT practitioner, Cecilia is passionate about helping you heal and release blocks……MORE INFO

kate cameron

The other Kate in the team has been in the intuitive business for a long time and offers consults online only……MORE INFO

Rex Schelling

Rex is a perfect mix of Accountant, Internet Entrepreneur, Quantum Energy Coach and Business Coach ….. MORE INFO


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